Sunday, August 28, 2016

What I've been up to lately

School has started and my life has become a whirlwind. I find in times like these I need to decompress by creating so I got my paintbrushes and tools out. 

I've been busy lately making things for the shop at The Mill. Below is an old tin ceiling tile I painted and stenciled yesterday. I have a couple of bales of hay I want to spread under a tree and they made the perfect backdrop. I'm taking this item in today. 

Several weeks ago I took an old window frame and, using a variety of mediums, created wings and the text "Gypsy Soul." The backdrop in this case is an old iron bed planted in my ferns. This item sold shortly after going to the shop. 

Below is a bottle I found on the side of the road. I wrapped wire around the neck and created wire and button flowers. I wish I'd gotten more photos but it sold immediately when I took it into the shop. This photo was taken with an old rusty wheel barrow serving as a riser. 

Today I'm going by the shop to deliver and fluff. Follow me on Instagram to keep up. 

Hope to see you soon,


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